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Know More About Light Trucks

  • Know More About Light Trucks

In our previous blogs we gave you an insight on pickup trucks and its type. We also mentioned the history of first pickup truck that was ever built and gave some fun ideas to use your pickup truck creatively. In this blog, we will give you an insight on light trucks that are in high demand. These trucks just like pickup trucks are also in great use, because of their outstanding qualities. Read on to know more about light trucks…

Know More About Light TrucksLight trucks are also commonly known as light-duty trucks in many parts of the world. These trucks have a capacity of less than 4,000 pounds (1.815kg), hence, they are known as light trucks. A vehicle with similar size is also known as light commercial vehicles in the European Union. These trucks are definied as any motor vehicle that has a capacity of less than 8,500 pounds by the Federal Regulations. These trucks are mainly designed for transportation purposes. Transporting furniture while changing residence or transporting goods to a local shop. Transporting people from one place to another is also one of the primary uses of this truck.

These trucks are designed in a way that will suit the needs of an adventurous person, who likes off-road travelling. Light trucks include SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle), vans and pickup trucks under its class. These trucks have lower fuel economy standards, if they are used for utilitarian purposes instead of personal use.

These trucks can also be used creatively for multiple purposes. They are fuel efficient and are great for off-road trips. If you’re young and cannot afford an RV (recreational vehicle) for road trips, then light trucks are a great alternative. Get yourself a comfortable Tata’s light truck, dump in all your stuff and take off on a wonderful journey.

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